Week 1: Are you ready to Chase the Ace?

On September 28, 2015, I wrote an outline for a Chase the Ace movie as a joke. It was the second-last weekend of the now-legendary Inverness Chase the Ace fundraiser, and to me, the greatest idea for a romantic comedy I had ever heard.

For more than two years, I’ve sat on this idea and done nothing with it except make jokes. It’s had a terrific response and I’ve offered it up freely on the internet as a Harlequin romance movie or a CBC movie or anything, I just want it made.

Among a number of local Twitter friends, it’s become a long-running topic of conversation. I occasionally receive links to local news stories or suggestions for things that would be fun scenes, but I’ve done nothing with those either. Until now.

As part of National Novel Writing Month (#NaNoWriMo), I’m finally putting words on paper. But not enough and not nearly fast enough for my liking.

Week 1 Report: November 1-3

I had an idea, a two-year old outline in Google Docs, and a half-dozen scenes written, so I started ahead of the game. A bit. I’ve been dictating up to 1,000 words every morning while I get ready for work, continuing as I walk to work. I use a speech-to-text app called ListNote, but some of my content gets … confused by the app when I’m climbing a hill, so the experiment has been a mixed bag. In the evenings, I clean up my morning words and squeak out another scene or two.

I’ve added several degrees of difficulty to this undertaking. Two nights of the week, I leave my house to pursue interests, and I have a out-of-town work trip that will have me occupied most of next week. To that end, I’m trying to run up the word count, so I’ve given myself a bit of a cushion to be off-the grid, or just lazy.

As of end of day, Friday, November 3, 2017, I had written 8,313 of 50,000 words. 

That’s not nearly enough. Back at it!


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