Week 2: Half-way to 50k

I thought a work trip was going to be a real productivity-derailer, but I could not have been more wrong. In fact, it was probably the best thing I could have done to shake up my approach.
airplane westjet writing

Normally, when I travel, I fill the time listening to hours of podcasts and looking around at the place I’m visiting. Definitely not doing much thinking. This trip, I was able to use standing-in-line time, waiting-at-the-gate time, walking-to-and-from place time to focus solving plot problems. Like how to bring characters together. And funny things people may say.
airport writing toronto westjet

I’ve also used this time to catch up on actual Chase the Ace logistics, reading news coverage of the various draws. My story isn’t a play-by-play of what really happened at the now-legendary Inverness Chase the Ace, but I desperately want it to sound plausible. I’ve read info updates from police, local media, anything that reveals what and how information was relayed to the public.

Finally, the most fun, is reading reports of individual weekly draws. The people that win, and those who simply buy tickets, are unreserved with their comments, and happy to share their plans for the big win.

During these fits of creativity, I’ve written blobs of dialogue, or inner monologue, or throwaway comments from bystanders. After a week of accumulating blobs of unconnected text, I spent this morning cramming four days’ worth of this nonsense into my draft manuscript. It is presently a mess, but I’m trying not to let that distract me from churning out plot. My mantra:

That’s a December-January-February job.

That’s a December-January-February job.

That’s a December-January-February job.

Using the NaNoWriMo dashboard, I set a modest goal for my four-day trip: 3,000 words. I squashed it, coming in at just over 6,200 words. There are a lot of places I should thank in Toronto, but I’ll direct my thanks specifically to Death And Taxes on Queen West, where I stared out the window and worked through a critical plot hole while drinking a stout, eating steak frites, and warming up on an unexpected frosty Friday. It was between -10C and -4C. That’s nuts.
death and taxes toronto

I’m on track to finish on time, though I fear the easy writing is behind me. The NaNoWriMo stats dashboard keeps me writing, even if it is blobs of text that I have to figure out how to wedge into longer, more coherent sections.

My podcast queue remains a disaster.

As of end of day, Saturday, November 11, 2017, I had written 25,519 of 50,000 words. Slightly more than 51% of the 50,000 word target for #NaNoWriMo.

Still not nearly enough. Back at it!


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