Week 3: Home stretch

This week, I took a vacation day to focus specifically on my writing project, and mapping out a path to the conclusion. The extra weekend writing time led to all kinds of fun procrastination, including a furniture donation, a beer run, a coffee run, and a chicken run (the last three items all within the same run). Followed up by some cat yoga, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Excellence in procrastination (clockwise from top left): Chase the Ace YouTube videos, cat yoga, beer and reading, take out chicken

I made great progress with concentrated writing periods punctuated by these breaks. By Sunday, I was done sitting in front of my laptop and thinking. I spent the day working on long-languishing home tasks while watching YouTube clips of real-life Chase the Ace across the region.

Watching these draws was the inspriration I needed, so while I was doing all of these tasks, I also dictated over 7,000 words of plot and dialogue, using Google Speech-to-Text in Google Docs (an improvement over the Android app I was using).

I started editing this surprising amount of dictation into workable manuscript material pretty late last night. I’ve still got a sizable piece of dictated text left to edit, so that will be my focus early this week, before filling the last “to write” scenes, and, effectively, completing a first draft.

This is the home stretch and I feel great about it. The plot is figured out from beginning to end, the holes are filled, and I’ve re-ordered scenes and events in a more satisfying, plausible way. I’ll hit the 50,000-word threshold for “winning” NaNoWriMo by the end of the weekend, and will have a complete draft ready for further revision by the end of the month.

The only thing getting in my way right now is finding more ways to procrastinate with research. Send help. Or chicken. Or beer. Or yoga cats.

Tech news

In another fit of procrastination, last week I moved my whole operation to a proper writing package from the Google Docs I had been using. Scrivener has a NaNoWriMo trial and I will almost certainly purchase it once my draft is completed – and I get the 50% off NaNoWriMo winner discount. There was a steep learning curve the first couple of days, but I’ve since come around and grown to appreciate the variety of organizational tools in play. It will definitely elevate all of my writing, even for my poor, presently-ignored travel blog.

Status update

As of end of day, Sunday, November 19, 2017, I had written 42,110 of 50,000 words. Slightly more than 84% of the 50,000-word target for #NaNoWriMo.

Week 3 nanowrimo

I’ve still got lots more to do, including a plan to think about what comes next. At some point, I have to finalize the story I want to put in front of people, and then learn everything about publishing in Canada and elsewhere, to find a viable path to publication. I am committed to doing something with this in 2018. What that looks like? TBD.


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